The Age of the European Auteur Film Course

Have you ever wondered why some films are acclaimed as masterpieces and stand the test of time? What films and directors your favourite films may have been inspired and influenced by? Why the best films can rival any novel or other work of art?

Covering seven films by seven major European directors from different countries and spanning the period from the mid-1950s to the mid-1980s. This course looks at how auteurs in the post-war period explored history, politics, personal identity and faith in an era of doubt and uncertainty.

We are delighted to announce that Jonathan Hourigan, Head of Screenwriting at the London Film Institute, will return to run the course. Hourigan, who was assistant to director Robert Bresson on L’Argent, is also a writer, director, script consultant and teacher and the courses he ran last year on post-war British Cinema and Screenwriting were sell out events with fantastic feedback from the participants. Hourigan has an ability to entertain whilst educating and informing attendees on various film related subjects and we’re really looking forward to working with him again.

This next course will focus on how auteurs explored history, politics, personal identity and faith in an era of doubt and uncertainty and it is aimed at local residents and students of all ages. No previous knowledge or experience is required and Jonathan is keen to encourage discussion with all participants.

£35 (£25 for under 30s). Tickets can be booked here.

Venue: Saffron Walden County High School

Films to be covered:
Dreyer ORDET 1955
Bresson PICKPOCKET 1959
Bertolucci THE CONFORMIST 1970
Schlondorff TIN DRUM 1979
Tarkovsky  THE STALKER 1979
Varda VAGABOND 1985