Aladdin 15

BUY TICKETS 3pm Wednesday 14 August

DIRECTOR Guy Ritchie
CAST Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Will Smith, Marwan Kenzari

Revel in Will Smith’s wise-cracking Genie and the fabulous songs in Disney’s live-action version of the classic animation.

A vibrant, exciting live-action retelling of the classic animation – the story of lovable street urchin Aladdin, courageous Princess Jasmine and the wise-cracking Genie (Will Smith on fine form). Lively, colourful and very funny, this is rollicking family-friendly entertainment that will take you to a whole new world.
(2019 USA 128 mins)

For Smith, stepping into the boots of legendary Robin Williams as Genie is no easy feat, and he doesn’t try – instead bringing his own Fresh Prince flare to the character. He’s loveable from the get-go, with some genuinely funny moments. The friendship between Aladdin and Genie is the glue that binds the story, and Massoud and Smith deliver. Special shout-out goes to Abu and Carpet, both loyal and overflowing with personality. As for the musical element, Aladdin remains one of Alan Menken’s most enchanting scores, and he really stretches the wings of his beloved motifs in Ritchie’s imagining, where everyone is bringing full energy and heaps of heart. Of course, we all want Disney to chill on the remaking front, but if it’s here we may as well revel in the magic.  Millicent Thomas, Screen Queens

BBFC advice: Contains mild fantasy threat
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