Apollo 11 15

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DIRECTOR Todd Douglas Miller

A spectacular documentary, created entirely from archival footage, about the first landing on the moon in 1969.

Crafted from a newly discovered trove of footage, this awe-inspiring documentary takes us to the heart of one of the most impressive feats in modern human history: the first manned moon landings. Stitching together footage of Armstrong, Aldrin and their fellow astronauts with scenes from Mission Control, and the huge crowds of millions of spectators, the film offers an unbeatable chance to be immersed in the spectacle of those momentous days in 1969 that simply must be seen on the big screen.
(2019 USA 93 mins)

Apollo 11 does a great job in capturing a fleeting moment in time with a great deal of tenderness and respect for the people behind the story. Apollo 11 is so much more than just a documentary, it is a masterpiece in storytelling which deserves to be seen on the biggest screen one could possibly find. Truly breathtaking beauty throughout.  Linda Marric, HeyUGuys

BBFC advice: Contains very mild bad language
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