Bait 15

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DIRECTOR Mark Jenkin
CAST Ed Rowe, Mary Woodvine, Giles Smith, Simon Shepherd

An impressive and stylistically bold film about two fishermen coping with the influx of tourists in Cornwall and the effect it has on their lives and community.

Fisherman Martin is at war with his brother Steven, who has appropriated their boat for tourist cruises. He’s also bristling against Tim and Sandra, the well-off Londoners who bought his childhood home. This culture clash is represented in the film’s look: shot with a Bolex camera in black-and-white 16mm and hand-processed by Jenkin, the resulting experimental tone and homemade effects have a genuine sense of depth and history. Original and stylistically bold, Bait expertly balances modern concerns with nostalgia and is one of the most intriguing, hypnotically strange and singular British films in years.
(2019 UK 89 mins)

Aping silent cinema in its aesthetic and intensity, it turns the mounting tensions of a Cornish fishing village into riveting dramatic fodder … Shot in black-and-white using a 16mm clockwork Bolex camera and processed by hand, Bait has the look and feel of a labour of love. Using masterfully edited montage, Jenkin shows how the elements and individuals rub uneasily up against one another, and gives symbolic clout to the most mundane of objects and tasks. Emma Simmonds, The List

BBFC advice: Contains very strong language, strong bloody images and sex references
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