Beats 15

BUY TICKETS 8pm Friday 14 June

DIRECTOR Brian Welsh
CAST Martin Donaghy, Laura Fraser, Brian Ferguson, Rachel Jackson

A glorious blast of nostalgia about the friendship between two lads in 1990s Scotland and the power of music as they immerse themselves in the rave scene.

It’s summer 1994 in West Lothian and two lads head out to an illegal rave. Best mates since childhood, Spanner and Johnno want one last great night out together before Johnno’s middle-class family move to the suburbs. Fuelled by drugs, the strength of their bond is tested as they’re propelled through the night in this intimate, infectiously enthusiastic portrayal of friendship set against a backdrop of the UK rave scene. A glorious blast of nostalgia!
(2019 UK 101 mins)

Beats is another in a long-line of spiritual successors, but this feature is tuned into the power of repetitive beats and brotherhood rather than the floor-sinking aftermath of narcotics … Beats has the mettle to take these two everyday characters and make them face their feelings in a way that doesn’t feel contrived. Their bond is authentic, connected by something stronger than blood – a pure love of music and one-another. A soulful film that combines poignant, observational drama and colloquial comedy with aplomb.  Cameron Frew, Flickering Myth

BBFC advice: Contains very strong language
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