Become an Outreach Van Partner

Local, independent cinema, Saffron Screen, is inviting local businesses to become a sponsorship partner with them for their new Outreach Van.

Community Outreach is an integral part of Saffron Screen – since 2015 the cinema has screened over 30 films to engage a wide-ranging audience of over 500 people each year and the new van will ensure that this successful community initiative continues to thrive and double in size during 2019.

“We are committed to ensuring that Saffron Screen remains as inclusive and accessible as possible,’ said Business Manager, Andrew Jenkins. “‘Having the ability to offer our customers the best possible films in diverse and ranging locations is crucial to enabling everyone to be able to still enjoy going to the cinema.’

The new Outreach Van Partner’s sponsorship will directly assist with the running costs which stand to be about £200 per month and can enjoy not only their logo on the van but a number of other benefits too.

If you or your business would be interested in teaming up with Saffron Screen to explore opportunities on their outreach programme, please contact