Bel Canto 15

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CAST Julianne Moore, Ken Watanabe, Sebastian Koch, Ryo Kase

Julianne Moore leads an impressive ensemble cast in this dramatic and moving adaptation of the best-selling novel by Ann Pratchett.

Based on Ann Patchett’s best-selling novel, this dramatic story follows a famous soprano (Julianne Moore) who travels to a military dictatorship in South America to give a private concert at a party for a wealthy industrialist (Ken Watanabe). Just as the glittering gathering convenes, the mansion is taken over by a guerrilla rebel group demanding the release of their imprisoned comrades. Over a month-long siege, and as hostages and captors strive to overcome their differences, it is music that unites them in resilience, shared humanity and even love.
(2018 USA 101 mins Part subtitled)

Moore, magnificent as always – and lent a still more magnificent singing voice by the internationally acclaimed Renée Fleming – portrays a brittle character who seems to find peace for the first time as she is forced to set aside her worldly cares, helping a young guerilla who wants to learn to sing – another language – and gradually coming to return Mr Hosokawa’s affections. Yet everything here – illuminated as it is by Tobias Datum’s languid cinematography, enriched as it is by by Philippa Culpepper’s sumptuous set design – is overshadowed by the audience’s awareness that the dream cannot endure and that the awakening, when it comes, will be a brutal one. A song for all those caught up in conflicts that overwhelm their dreams, Bel Canto is lyrical, melodic, melancholy. It may at times be overindulgent, but that’s opera.  Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

Language: English, Spanish, French and Japanese

BBFC advice: Contains strong violence
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