Can You Ever Forgive Me? 15

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DIRECTOR Marielle Heller
CAST Melissa McCarthy, Richard E Grant, Dolly Wells, Jane Curtin

Melissa McCarthy and Richard E Grant excel in this superb biopic of Lee Israel, an acerbic writer who turns to forgery to fund her cat’s vet bills.

Melissa McCarthy gives a tour de force performance in this biopic of Lee Israel, a booze-soaked writer with a career in decline and an urgent need to find an income. In cahoots with her friend Jack (a fabulously charming Richard E Grant), she starts forging letters by well-known people and selling them. Creating an art out of imitation, Lee is acerbic but hilarious company, making her difficult character a joy to meet.
(2018 USA 106 mins)

Melissa McCarthy is in a role like you’ve never seen her in before, taking on the role of Lee with a typical sarcastic wit but also this gut-wrenching side of just pure loneliness as the almost hermit-like Lee. Richard E Grant as a result becomes the perfect fodder for her character’s temperament, and gives as good as he gets, if not more. The pair have now been announced as earning Oscar nods for their efforts in this bittersweet and entertaining tale, and we can see why … This is a story that can be watched and enjoyed repeatedly, and that’s what makes it stand out, and what makes it so great.  Tilly Pearce, Metro

BBFC advice: Contains very strong language and drug misuse 
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