Family Romance, LLC

Director Werner Herzog

Support your local cinema and watch Werner Herzog’s “excellent fictional feature that veers close to documentary” (The Guardian) about a real life company that offers relatives for hire. Watch here (scroll down to find Saffron Screen) – £9.99 of which 50% comes to Saffron Screen.

Romance is a business. Family, friends, followers. All available for hire. A man is hired to impersonate the missing father of a twelve year old girl. Shot in Japan, with Japanese actors, Oscar-nominated auteur Werner Herzog brings to screen a unique angle to the recurring theme of individuals chasing impossible dreams.

Werner Herzog has never been a filmmaker to play by the rules of genre or narrative. Over the course of his career he has continued to operate within the boundaries between fact and fiction, drama and documentary, in his own inimitable way. His latest film, Family Romance, LLC, is another prime example of just how effective and unique that style can be … Herzog takes an unconventional route, but in the end he manages to find emotional truth in this tender, funny and sweet story about modern relationships. Tom Bond, Little White Lies