FAQs: Discussions and Q&As at Saffron Screen

What’s the difference between a hosted discussion, panel discussion and a Q&A? Keep reading to find out!

Hosted discussions are an informal chat after a film, hosted by a volunteer, operating a bit like a book club. The discussion will run after the film, at the front of the cinema, for about 20 minutes. No particular knowledge is needed, and the host won’t have specific knowledge, but the idea is to enjoy a chance to talk about the film while it is still fresh in your mind.

Panel discussions are run where a film throws up particular issues and we think a panel of interested people can add to the themes of the film. Usually the host will invite the panellists to raise issues that the film has suggested to them, and then throw the discussion open to the audience for questions and input.

Q&As are usually with industry professionals who we are lucky enough to entice to Saffron Walden to share their wisdom. These may be directors, actors, producers, scriptwriters or some of the other ‘below the line’ talent. The Q&A will be hosted by someone from the industry or a Saffron Screen staff member or volunteer, to moderate the event and kick off the questions, before opening the questioning to the audience. Please make sure you ask a question, rather than making a statement, and keep all questions brief.

Ads and trailers – Please note that, when we have a panel discussion or Q&A, we will usually not have ads or trailers so the film will start very soon after the advertised time. When we have a hosted discussion, there will still be ads and trailers.