Feb: Hosted Discussions

We’re hosting discussions after a couple of brilliant new films February. The first will follow Jojo Rabbit, which is writer-director Taika Waititi’s anti-hate satire set in Germany during the Second World War. It’s been nominated for a whopping six Oscars and six BAFTAs and we’re looking forward to discussing the film, including Waititi’s signature style of humour and pathos, with host Nick Patterson on Friday 7th Feb. 

Later in the month, there will be an opportunity to stay after the screening of Shooting the Mafia on Monday 24th Feb. Do join us to discuss this fascinating documentary about the life and work of Letizia Battaglia, an Italian photojournalist who spent years recording the brutal crimes of the Mafia in her native Sicily. This is terrific documentary by one of our favourite directors, Kim Longionotto, and a fascinating story of a brave and defiant woman. We’ll be offering you an opportunity to discuss the content with host Moray Bayliss after the film.

Image of photographer shooting the mafia
Shooting the Mafia