Rally Road Racers

Director: Ross Venokur

Cast: Chloe Bennet, J.K. Simmons, Sharon Horgan

Slow loris Zhi (Jimmy O. Yang) has a need for speed, and must overcome his lack of experience as well as personal obstacles to win an international car race across China to save his Granny’s home. Across the four gruelling days of the Silk Road Rally, Zhi is tested time and time again, but the power of friendship and love save the day.

A fun animation that will appeal to most children but includes enough elements to keep the grown ups entertained too – with an all-star voice cast inclukding J.K Simmons, Chloe Bennett, Jimmy O. Yang, Sharon Horgan and Catherine Tate.

2023 / USA / 93 mins

BBFC Advice: Contains very mild comic threat, violence, language, rude humour

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