RB&O: The Marriage of Figaro – PRIORITY SALE

14:00 Sun 15th Sep

Cast: Luca Micheletti, Ying Fang, Huw Montague Rendall, Jacquelyn Stucker, Ginger Costa-Jackson, Peter Kálmán, Rebecca Evans, Adrian Thompson, Jeremy White, Alasdair Elliott, sabela Díaz

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Count Almaviva lives with his Countess on their estate near Seville. The Count has his eye on his wife’s maid Susanna, who is about to marry the Count’s servant, Figaro.

Much to Figaro’s dismay, the Count plans to seduce Susanna on the night of the wedding. Meanwhile, Cherubino, the Count’s young page, has a crush on the Countess, but has just been dismissed after being discovered with Barbarina, the gardener Antonio’s daughter.Figaro decides he must foil the Count’s attempt to seduce his wife-to-be and enlists the help of the Countess, Susanna and Cherubino – the latter disguising himself as a woman. A series of mistaken identities, misunderstandings and thwarted plans ensue, with all members of the household participating as each tries to get what – and who – they want.

2024 / 240 mins with one interval

Language: Italian with subtitles

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14:00 Sun 15th Sep