The Canterville Ghost – CANCELLED

Director: Kim Burdon and Robert Chandler

Cast: Stephen Fry, Freddie Highmore, Hugh Laurie, Miranda Hart, Imelda Staunton, Emily Carey

In this animated fantasy comedy, an American family moves into a stately home haunted the ghost of Sir Simon Canterville (Stephen Fry) has been roaming his castle for centuries, searching for a descendant who can release him from his curse by performing a brave deed. The only problem is – he keeps scaring them away!

Finally, a family move in who refuse to be startled, and Sir Simon is able to tell his tale to the inquisitive and courageous Virginia (Emily Carey).
Can the two of them survive The Ghost Catcher (Miranda Hart), and The Reverend (Toby Jones), to bring balance to the house and set Sir Simon free?

2023 / 89 mins

BBFC Advice: Contains mild scary scenes, threat, violence, rude humour

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