The Miracle Club

Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan

Cast: Laura Linney, Kathy Bates, Maggie Smith

A heartfelt story of friendship, family, and forgiveness. Ballygar, Dublin, Ireland, 1968: close friends Lily (Maggie Smith), Eileen (Kathy Bates), and Dolly (Agnes O’Casey) win the trip of a lifetime – a pilgrimage to Lourdes. With each woman desperately in need of a personal miracle, the trip seems like an answer to all their prayers. But when they are joined by Chrissie (Laura Linney), returning to Dublin after decades in America, deep wounds from the past are re-opened and bitter truths exposed. As they confront one another and embrace their shared past, the group reckon with revelations that will change them forever.

2023 / 90 mins

BBFC Advice: Contains infrequent implied strong language, references to abortion and suicide

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