Generous Audience for Refugee Film

£600 was raised for charity Help Refugees at Saffron Screen last week, at a special screening of artist and director Ai Weiwei’s beautiful and moving documentary, Human Flow, which explores the global refugee crisis across 23 countries.

Help Refugees is a UK based charity which strives to help displaced persons across the globe, assisting them, by bringing them dignity, hope, respect and humanity. It funds more than 80 projects across Europe and the Middle East, making it the biggest facilitator of grassroots humanitarian aid on the continent. The Monday night audience at Saffron Screen gave a generous £500 to the cause with the not-for-profit community cinema also contributing £100 from ticket sales.

Saffron Screen’s Monday night slot regularly shows documentaries, foreign language and art house films that are both interesting and thought-provoking and, as a not-for-profit organisation, Saffron Screen regularly supports other charities and community projects and ensures that its own refreshment and ticket prices are kept low for the benefit of all.