A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 15

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DIRECTOR Ana Lily Amirpour
CAST Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi, Marshall Manesh, Mozhan Marnò

The first ever Iranian vampire western is a glorious mash-up of genres combining horror and film noir in a refreshing take on the vampire film.

The first ever Iranian vampire Western! Ana Lily Amirpour’s debut basks in the pleasure of pulp and subtle feminism, a mash-up of genre and iconography, combining horror and film noir in a cool and refreshing take on the vampire film. In it, a mysterious young woman stalks the streets of Bad City at night, preying on the town’s unsavoury inhabitants. Boy meets girl – with a toothy, arty twist.
(2014 USA 98 mins B&W Subtitled)

Shown in preparation for the course on The Vampire in Cinema and part of the Girls on Film double feature, presented by the Saffron Screen Young Programmers group. These two movie screenings depict young women dealing with the trials and tribulations of growing up female in the modern world.

It all adds up to a deliriously disorienting experience that can be read as either political parable or pulpy potboiler – preferably both. As an American offshoot of the Iranian new wave … it’s a defiant statement of girl power, a modern twist on the Reclaim the Night battle cries of international feminism set against the backdrop of oppressively dysfunctional patriarchy. Yet Amirpour never lets a message get in the way of a good tune, taking palpable delight in spinning the reels like a cinematic DJ, keeping the crowd on their toes, wrong-footing their dance moves.  Mark Kermode, The Observer

BBFC advice: Contains drug use, strong violence and sex
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Language: Farsi