Happy as Lazzaro (Lazzaro felice) 15

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DIRECTOR Alice Rohrwacher
CAST Adriano Tardiolo, Alba Rohrwacher, Tommaso Ragno, Sergi López

This magic-realist gem of a film is a modern fairytale about a touchingly naive young man living in a tiny village in Italy – ravishingly shot and intriguingly mysterious.

Lazzaro is a touchingly naive young man living in a tiny village in Italy, whose inhabitants are still kept in thrall to a long-outlawed feudal system. After the landowner’s son befriends him, things go awry and the film changes gear into something wonderfully unexpected. This magic-realist gem of a film deservedly won the Best Screenplay award at Cannes 2018. Ravishingly shot and incorporating some truly stunning imagery, it evokes both a nostalgia for rural innocence and the melancholy of urban decay.
(2018 Italy / Switzerland / France / Germany 127 mins Subtitled)

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Rohrwacher constantly manipulates time in ever more playful ways, often to comic effect. As with The Wonder, she shoots the film on the old-timey Super 16mm, harking back to a bygone age of cinema with warm, slightly yellowed images. Tardiolo meanwhile proves to be a revelation, capturing the sweet, saintly quality of Lazzaro’s character. He’s perfectly matched with Chikovani’s outlandish performance as the petulant fop. With a rich, textured plot in which things are never quite what they seem, Rohrwacher paints a magical portrait of the decay of rural life, intertwining the past and the present in a work that is as exhilarating as it is sublime.  Joseph Walsh, Time Out

Language: Italian

BBFC advice: Contains infrequent moderate violence and language
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