High Noon 15

BUY TICKETS 3pm Wednesday 30 October *Dementia-friendly screening

DIRECTOR Fred Zinnermann
CAST Gary Cooper, Ian MacDonald, Grace Kelly, Lee Van Cleef

A dementia-friendly screening of this classic western starring Gary Cooper as a retiring lawman who has to take on a gang arriving on the noon train.

On the day of his wedding, retiring lawman Will Kane (Gary Cooper) must face a gang of criminals, headed by a vicious gunman he put away several years ago, now released. Refusing to run from the situation, Kane is deserted by the townsfolk he has defended and has to face alone the gang’s arrival on the noon train. A classic western. Screening open to all but particularly welcoming to people living with dementia and their friends, family and carers.
(1952 USA 81 mins + interval)

Bolstered by a highly dignified and impeccable performance from an aging Gary Cooper, which has since come to been seen as synonymous with male heroism, Zinnemann’s taut, meticulously crafted Western – largely played out in ‘real time’ with an emphasis on ticking clocks palpably cranking up the tension – still stands as one of the greatest examples of the genre. David Wood, BBC

BBFC advice: Contains mild violence and scenes of smoking
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This is a relaxed screening, open to everyone, but particularly welcoming to people living with dementia together with their family, friends and carers. Tickets £5, carers free.

Doors open an hour before the film and there is an interval. Further information can be found here.