Too Late to Die Young (Tarde Para Morir Joven) 15


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DIRECTOR Dominga Sotomayor Castillo
CAST Demian Hernández, Antar Machado, Magdalena Tótoro, Matías Oviedo

A beautiful coming-of-age film set in an isolated commune in Chile in the summer of 1990, just after the fall of Pinochet.

The heat and the dust are palpable in this remarkable semi-autobiographical coming-of-age delicacy from award-winning Chilean director Dominga Sotomayor Castillo. As democracy returns to Chile during the summer of 1990, tomboy Sofía, guitar-strumming Lucas (both 16) and troublemaker Clara (10) set off for an isolated commune, where their families look to build a new idealistic future. The youngsters face their first loves, losses, disappointments and fears – and a disastrous mishap. A beautiful and sensuous film.
(2018 Chile / Brazil / Argentina / Netherlands / Qatar 110 mins Subtitled)

The third feature from Chilean director Dominga Sotomayor (Thursday Till SundayMar) was inspired by her own childhood and looks at the summer of 1990, right after the fall of Pinochet at the end of 1989. Though [it] isn’t an overtly political work, focusing as it does on a 16-year-old in a bucolic, commune-like setting, the epoch’s cautious, somewhat uncertain optimism does find its parallels in the travails of a young girl who, like her country, is slowly trying to come into her own. Though more an atmospheric and sensorial experience than strictly a narrative one, this languorous and handsomely produced … feature is a lovingly textured addition to the coming-of-age genre.  Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter

Language: Spanish

BBFC advice: Contains strong language
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