New Hearing Loop Installed

The new Infralight hearing loop system has now been installed at Saffron Screen and the cinema is looking for volunteers to test it out.


The new system is on offer with ten neck loop receivers that will work anywhere in the auditorium and across a wide range of hearing aids. This will mean that hard of hearing customers will not be restricted on where they can sit and the wearer will also be able to adjust the volume to his or her individual needs.

The new hearing loop was funded by the Co-operative Membership Community Fund which distributes funds raised by customers of the Co-operative Group to local groups and projects.

Saffron Screen is committed to making cinema accessible to all. It regularly screens films with subtitles for the hard of hearing in addition to subtitled foreign language films, and an audio description facility for the visually impaired is available at many screenings. Disabled parking and seats are also available and carers in possession of a Cinema Exhibitors’ Association Card are entitled to a free ticket. Parking is free and ticket and refreshment prices kept low.

If you would like to volunteer to test out the new Saffron Screen hearing loop please contact