Pillow Talk 15

BUY TICKETS 3pm Wednesday 24 July *Dementia-friendly screening 

DIRECTOR Michael Gordon
CAST Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Tony Randall, Thelma Ritter

A dementia-friendly screening of this delightfully light and airy 1950s rom-com, beautifully played by Doris Day and Rock Hudson.

In this quintessential 1950s rom-com, Rock Hudson plays a philandering composer, pursuing a reluctant Doris Day through a series of mishaps and misunderstandings. Screening open to all but particularly welcoming to people living with dementia together with their family, friends and carers.
(1959 USA 100 mins + interval)

Tickets £5, carers free.

Dementia-friendly screenings are a great opportunity to see a film in a relaxed, supportive and safe environment. We welcome people living with dementia, their family, friends and carers.

The ticket price includes a free hot drink and biscuits. The lights will remain on low and moving around and noise are accepted. There are no adverts before the film and the doors open an hour before the film for socialising and acclimatising. There will be a 15 minute interval during the film.

[It works] thanks to an Oscar-winning script (by Stanley Shapiro and Maurice Richlin) that ingeniously fuses old-fashioned theatrics with playful modernity, and cheery performances by its two leads and Tony Randall and Thelma Ritter in support … the film is keenly aware of its own bubbly naivety. It beckons us to escape into an alternate-universe Manhattan of silk pillowcases and impeccable orthodonture, and for half a century, we’ve happily obliged.  Scott Tobias, AV Club

BBFC advice: Contains mild sex references
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