Rafiki 15🌈

DIRECTOR Wanuri Kahiu
CAST Samantha Mugatsia, Sheila Munyiva, Neville Misati, Nice Githinji

Following the two daughters of opposing politicians, this tender Nairobi-set love story is a groundbreaking, neon-drenched delight.

Street-smart tomboy Kena and rainbow-haired free-spirit Ziki are daughters of opposing politicians. Both dream of a life beyond the stifling confines of their conservative Nairobi neighbourhood. After meeting by chance, their friendship soon blossoms into something more serious and they are forced to make an impossible choice between happiness and safety. Having made headlines in Kenya and abroad, this is a socially and politically important film, but also a vital burst of energy and young love which bursts with effervescent colour.
(2018 Kenya / South Africa / Germany / Netherlands / France / Norway / Lebanon / UK 82 mins Part subtitled)

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Rafiki is an important film, focusing on a hopeful and romantic love story between two young women in Kenya. The fact that it’s been banned in Kenya is exactly why it is important and why it needs to be seen by as many people as possible outside of that country, to give real people in their situation a voice. It highlights how much religion still dominates the political situation there. However, it also demonstrates the vibrancy and joy of the youth in overcoming an oppressive society. And Wanuri Kahiu has shown this through a jubilant explosion of colour and music – this film feels like a celebration and a triumph over adversity. A must-see.  Fiona Underhill, Jumpcut Online

Language: English / Swahili

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BBFC advice: Contains moderate violence, infrequent strong language and discriminatory behaviour
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