Image of photographer shooting the mafia

Shooting the Mafia 15

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DIRECTOR Kim Longinotto 

A fascinating documentary about the life and work of Letizia Battaglia, a Sicilian photojournalist who chronicled the Mafia’s crimes.  

One of the finest observational film-makers working today turns her camera on another award-winning photographer. Italian photojournalist Letizia Battaglia spent years recording the brutal crimes of the Mafia in her native Sicily. This terrific documentary portrays Battaglia’s life and experiences through a combination of her striking black-and-white photographs, rare archive footage, classic Italian films, and the 84-year-old’s own memories. A fascinating story of a brave and defiant woman.
(2019 Ireland 94 mins) 

At the age of forty, Letizia Battaglia, who’s now eighty-four, became the first female photographer in the Italian daily press; this candid and passionate documentary portrait, directed by Kim Longinotto, shows that Battaglia has always lived at the turbulent crossroads of history … Longinotto cannily juxtaposes Battaglia’s photographs with both news footage and clips from fictional films and shows the photographer in conversation with men in her life – asserting the unity of sexual, political, and creative freedom, and observing the patriarchal violence of traditional families and Mob families alike.  Richard Brody, The New Yorker 

Language: Italian 

BBFC advice: Contains images of real dead bodies and violence 
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