Spies in Disguise 15

BUY TICKETS 2pm Saturday 15 February
BUY TICKETS 2pm Sunday 16 February

DIRECTORS Nick Bruno, Troy Quane
VOICES Karen Gillan, Tom Holland, Will Smith, Rashida Jones 

Find out what happens when a nerdy sidekick accidentally turns a super spy into a pigeon in this hilarious family animation.   

Super spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) is the world’s greatest secret agent, smooth, suave and sophisticated. His sidekick is awkward, nerdy scientist Walter (Tom Holland)brilliant at creating high-tech gadgetbut definitely not coolThen Walter accidently turns Lance into a pigeon, and the mismatched duo must work together to save the world from a crazed tyrant. A fast-paced and action-filled animation with plenty of bird-brained laughs.
(2019 USA 102 mins) 

Mixing Bondian parody, body-swap comedy and mismatched buddy bonding … there’s broad fun to be had with a tiny avian agent struggling in a big world (watch him try to get into his hi-tech car), the character chemistry, playing heavily on Smith’s cocky cool and Holland’s gee-whizz exuberance, registers (this might be the first animated film to use “millennial” as an insult), and there is something refreshing about a kids’ action flick built on progressive ideas of pacifism, mediation and gluten-free breadcrumbs.  Ian Freer, Empire  

BBFC advice: Contains mild violence, threat and rude humour
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