Tehran: City of Love 15

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DIRECTOR Ali Jaberansari
CAST Forough Ghajabagli, Mehdi Saki, Amir Hessam Bakhtiari, Behnaz Jafari

Ali Jabernansari’s engaging comedy-drama about three lonely people in Tehran offers intriguing insights into life into modern Iranian life.

A bittersweet portrait of three lonely people yearning for love and connection in a less-than-welcoming contemporary Iran. An ex-body builder is attracted to the young man he’s training, an overweight receptionist chats up men over the phone and a singer tries his luck as a wedding entertainer to increase his chances of finding love. A reflection on the fleeting nature of happiness, with note-perfect, offbeat humour and just a touch of subversion.
(2018 Iran / UK / Netherlands 103 mins Subtitled)

Three lonely souls in Tehran search for love in this interesting, downbeat comedy drama from writer-director Ali Jabernansari. Part portrait of alienation in Iran, part examination of modern dating, its characters suffer as much from their own human frailties as they do from the oppressive politics of Iran’s theocratic regime … the access it gives us to modern life in Tehran is a real thrill. Cath Clarke, The Guardian

Language: Persian

BBFC advice: Contains infrequent moderate bad language
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