Three Identical Strangers 15

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FEATURING Robert Shafran, David Kellman, Eddy Galland

This engrossing documentary follows the stranger-than-fiction tale of three identical triplets searching for the reason why they were separated at birth.

This documentary tells the stranger-than-fiction story of three men who make the chance discovery, at the age of 19, that they are identical triplets separated at birth and adopted by different parents. The trio’s joyous reunion in 1980 catapults them to fame but also sets in motion a chain of events that unearths an extraordinary and disturbing secret that goes far beyond their own lives. A seriously incredible story.
(2018 UK 97 mins)

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival 2018. Nominated for Best Documentary at the BAFTAs.

With Three Identical Strangers, a lot of its pleasure is in its narrative twists. To write about it critically is to risk dissipating the intricately paced revelations that make Tim Wardle’s documentary work so well. My advice would be to watch it first and read about it later … an extraordinary tale expertly told and with some intriguing questions left unanswered.  Saskia Baron, The Arts Desk

BBFC advice: Contains suicide references
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