Wild Rose 15

BUY TICKETS 5pm Saturday 15 June

CAST Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters, Sophie Okonedo, Craig Parkinson

A hugely uplifting musical drama with a soaring performance from Jessie Buckley as a young Glaswegian woman who dreams of becoming a country music star.

Jessie Buckley gives a knockout performance as twenty-something Glaswegian Rose-Lynn, fresh from a stint in prison and ready to chase her dream of becoming a country music star in Nashville, USA. But with a new cleaning job, two young children who barely know her and a mum (Julie Walters) desperate for her to learn some responsibility, Rose-Lynn feels trapped by the pressures of reality. Bolstered by a brilliant cast and lively, original music performances, this hugely uplifting tale will have you foot-tapping long after the credits have rolled.
(2018 UK 100 mins)

Buckley blazes bright as a young Glaswegian ne’er-do-well with a star-bound state of mind in Tom Harper’s unblinkered but cheerful wanderlust fable … The lesson of finding balance between what you’ve done and what you feel destined to do is one which resonates beyond country music, with a tender wisdom that allows a comforting watch. When the film sings, it soars – with a spring in her step and a spark on her tongue, Rose-Lynn is a hurricane. Jessie Buckley was born to be a star.  Ella Kemp, Sight & Sound

BBFC advice: Contains strong language and sex
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